STRIDES Benefits

Benefits of using the STRIDES Initiative as a vehicle to access STRIDES Initiative partners include:

  • Discounts on STRIDES Initiative partner services—Favorable pricing on computing, storage, and related cloud services for NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices (ICOs) and NIH-funded institutions.
  • Professional services—Access to professional service consultations and technical support from the STRIDES Initiative partners.
  • Training—Access to training for researchers, data owners, and others to help ensure optimal use of available tools and technologies.
  • Potential collaborative engagements—Opportunities to explore methods and approaches that may advance NIH’s biomedical research objectives (with scope and milestones of engagements agreed upon separately).

At this time, the STRIDES Initiative supports programs/projects who want to prepare, migrate, upload, and compute on data in the cloud. In the future, the ability to access data across NIH and NIH-funded institutions from various research domain repositories will become available.