Any NIH Institute, Center or Office (ICO) or NIH-funded researcher is eligible to take part in the STRIDES Initiative. Participation and corresponding benefits can vary depending on how the researcher’s home institution interacts with STRIDES and our Cloud Service Provider (CSP) partners.

Before requesting a STRIDES account, be sure you know the information listed below.

  1. Identify a Cloud Solution

    Ensure you know which CSP you wish to work with and have a working understanding of STRIDES benefits. If not, refer to the Partners page for more information.

  2. Establish Account Type

    Once you’ve identified your preferred CSP, then you need to determine which type of STRIDES account you need: NIH-employed or NIH-funded. See Account Type.

  3. Request Account

    Now that you have identified your preferred CSP and determined your account type, it’s time to request your account.

    If you have additional questions, or feel that you do not meet the criteria for either account option, see the FAQs or email us at STRIDES@nih.gov.