NIH GitHub

NIH GitHub Enterprise Cloud

GitHub is a web-based platform for collaborative version control. Utilizing it will allow NIH investigators to meet research reproducibility and journal publishers’ requirements to share source code.

NIH GitHub Cloud Enterprise is offered by CIT Cloud Services primarily for NIH internal use (e.g., NIH staff, contractors, fellows, etc.), with some special cases allowing access to external-to-NIH collaborators.

Product Overview and and Use Case

NIH GitHub is an approved solution for NIH investigators, engineers, and developers who rely on versioning and source control to:

  • Securely store and share code,
  • Collaborate effectively inside and outside the NIH,
  • Publish reproducible research that satisfies journal requirements for sharing source code,
  • Automate daily operations that consume valuable time and staffing resources,
  • Track issues across projects, and
  • Host simple static websites.

The offering is founded on principles of shared responsibility and an always-on feedback loop, ensuring that each IC has full ownership and control of its GitHub resources and keeping users at the center of efforts to enhance and shape the solution.


In addition to the basic functions described above, NIH GithHub also offers a number of NIH-specific features and support that you can’t get from a personal GitHub account, including:

  • One-on-one technical support from trained staff in each IC,
  • The ability to search for repositories and users within and across ICs,
  • Automatic retention of NIH data and code when staff, contractors, or fellows leave the NIH,
  • Fully customizable configuration options that enable you to control when, how, and with whom to share your code,
  • The ability to easily move existing code into the NIH environment,
  • A fully inheritable FISMA Low Authorization to Operate (ATO),
  • Convenient integrated NIH single sign-on, and
  • The option to add enhanced data loss prevention with GitHub Advanced Security.

How to Purchase

For pricing and purchasing information, visit NIH GitHub’s Information Systems Distribution & Procurement page (VPN needed).

GitHub Learning

Visit the NIH GitHub Resource Center to learn foundational GitHub skills through fun, interactive modules, and paths.

Learn More

To learn more, visit the NIH GitHub Resource Center, contact your IC’s NIH GitHub Points of Contact, or contact the NIH GitHub team if your IC does not have a point of contact.