The STRIDES Initiative has partnerships with industry-leading commercial providers who offer unique features and pricing models that provide flexibility in supporting the needs of each program or project for advanced cloud-based technology, training, and professional services. Pricing on services and tools varies by partner and the service offered.

Factors for Choosing a STRIDES Initiative Partner

To select the right STRIDES partner for your program/project, you will need to do an analysis of some or all of the following factors:

Prior Experience with Cloud Services

In some cases, a researcher is already working in the cloud and knows the cloud service that best suits the needs of their program/project. The STRIDES team can work with researchers and their identified team to determine whether moving the program/project under STRIDES would be more beneficial.


The favorable pricing on cloud services offered by each STRIDES partner can vary, as do the original “market” prices. Cost is an important factor in deciding the best option for a particular program/project. Each STRIDES partner has resources available to assist you in determining cost estimates based on your program/project needs. To use the cost estimators, visit the Amazon Web Services estimator, the Azure estimator, or the Google Cloud estimator.

Services and Tools

Each STRIDES partner offers a wide range of services and tools. The partners and their billing and administrative partners are available to discuss your program/project needs, and their services and tools. This may include a brief testing period to evaluate specific functions/tools in each partner environment.

Some services and tools offered to STRIDES participants include:

  • Discounted training and certification on the use of cloud specifically for biomedical research activities
  • Project-based professional consultations and technical support
  • Support from cloud subject matter experts with a focus on biomedical applications
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions
  • Custom reporting on data analytics, compute, and storage use
  • Dedicated support staff and quick ticket response times
  • Bi-weekly online meetings with the engineering staff
  • Technical account management

To learn about each CSP partner’s STRIDES-specific offerings, visit the partner microsites listed below: