Account Type

Once an NIH researcher or institution has enrolled with STRIDES, an investigator can request to have an account provisioned for their research program/projects. Provisioning of an account requires that the STRIDES Team (and our CSP partners) collect some basic information about the research program/project.

Who will receive and pay invoices for costs incurred against your STRIDES account?

This information ensures that the STRIDES Team is able to perform the following key functions:

  • Provide NIH with information about use cases for which STRIDES and associated cloud resources are being used.
  • Provide account holders with periodic information on:
    • cloud resource usage and costs associated with their account.
    • best practices for cost and security risk management within the cloud.
    • available cloud learning opportunities.
    • changes or additions to STRIDES benefits.

NIH-invoiced Account

For NIH-invoiced accounts, the CSP will invoice an NIH ICO to receive payment for costs incurred. Enrollment for this type of account requires that the funding ICO execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NIH CIT and STRIDES. This MOU establishes a common understanding of the respective responsibilities of the ICO and CIT/STRIDES. Once an MOU is executed, any researcher at the funding ICO can request an account.

If you would like to enroll your ICO, or determine whether your ICO already has a STRIDES MOU in place, email

Awardee-invoiced Account

For awardee-invoiced accounts, the CSP will invoice an NIH-funded institution (e.g., a university, academic medical center, commercial entity) to receive payment for costs incurred.

Enrollment for Awardee-invoiced accounts requires that the NIH-funded institution establish a vendor relationship with any/all CSP partners through the administrative partner. Once a vendor relationship is established with the CSP, any researcher covered by that vendor relationship can request an account for their NIH-funded research program/projects.


If you would like to enroll your institution, or determine if your institution (or lab) is covered under an existing enrollment, email:

If you have additional questions, or feel that you do not meet the criteria for either account option, email